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    I'm very excited to have won this beauty on ebay this week!




    I've checked the serial number on the Singer website and it was made in 1917 and is still in working order.

    I'm lucky to have got it as I guess there was a flurry on buying them after they were featured on Great British Sewing Bee.

    I don't even want to keep it covered up with the wooden case, it's so lovely.




    In response to customers requests we will be adding more mixed button packs, mixed by size, shape and colour.






    I'm very much enjoying sifting though all the mixed buttons and making the new packs up.

    We will be adding lilac, turquoise, cappuccino, beige and seafoam colours to the mixed packs of 50 buttons.

    We have also added a new pack of 150 very small / shirt buttons which would be ideal for button art pictures as well as replacing that missing button on your blouse!