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    As seen previously, we've had a delivery of lots of lovely new stock.

    We have included purse frames this time as I know lots of you like making them.

    We have three different sizes:


    Dinky little keyring purses which would make excellent stocking fillers





    Gunmetal grey round coin purse frames (these have been very popular)




    and these cute and funky square coin purse frames with bright bright beads on the clasp





    as an added bonus, we've sourced some free tutorials to make the coin purses and added the links to each listing for purse frames in our shop

    Happy crafting!




    I love sourcing new stock !!





    All this lovely lot arrived a few days ago and I'm working my way though it, checking for any faults, taking photos and assigning stock numbers.

     I think the motto 'keep calm and carry on' applies to the state of my desk during this process:






    But the end results are worth it - two online shops brimming with beautiful buttons and new craft supply.

    These very cute owls buttons have been flying out to customers (sorry for the pun!) as soon as they have been listed.