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    Button magnets are simple and easy to make and perfect stocking filler gifts for christmas.

    This project is an excellent way to use up odd, mismatched and decorative buttons.

    I have used large 40mm statement buttons as the base and decorated them with loose buttons




    You will need a selection of buttons, a small flat magnet and glue (I have used Bostick Glue and Fix) ***see below


    28-dsc07018                18-dsc07008


    Firstly decide how you are going to group or arrange your buttons, you can keep it simple by just putting a magnet on the back of an attractive button or can use several smaller buttons layered up to cover any imperfections on your base button.

    Using a tiny blob of glue decorate the front of the button and leave to dry.

    Again, using a tiny blob of glue on one side attach the magnet to the centre back of the button





    Finished items in use!




    Large 40mm buttons are from a selection in my shop here and the small buttons here

    The small flat magnets are available in packs of 20 in my shop here


    ***These would be an ideal gift for children to make but please supervise them with the glue (I would recommend you use a child friendly glue) and any small magnets and buttons used.