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    Here's a couple of cute ideas to use some of your button stash in gift wrapping;


    In this first one I have used plain brown wrapping paper and 3mm green gingham ribbon threaded through a 40mm green and white button.

    This is a great way to use up your 'one off' and loose buttons.




    In this second picture I have used a personalised embroidered initial button to act as a gift tag along with 3mm red ribbon. Wrap the ribbon round two or three times then thread the ribbon through the button shank with a large needle.




    You could also used coloured elastic by fastening a loop through the shank on the button, pull round the parcel and secure back over the button. This would look effective with brightly coloured buttons and large fabric buttons.

    Fabric buttons are from a selection HERE

    Large buttons are from a selection HERE

    Ribbon is from a selection HERE


    Here's an idea for a cute homemade card featuring buttons.

    I've used the same size button but in different colours and paper raffia to finish it off.




    You could use different sizes of buttons or buttons all the same colour.

    Place the buttons on the front of the card and move about until you are happy with the arrangement then glue into place.

    I've used thin paper raffia for the 'string' part and have probably worked backwards here - I made two tiny holes in the bottom right of the card and threaded a small piece of the raffia through from the back, then I cut one piece of raffia for each button and tied it together with the small piece.

    I then worked one piece at a time and glued the raffia to the card working up to the edge of the button leaving the bottom part after the bow unglued.




    I used one A5 card, nine 15mm resin buttons, coloured 3mm paper raffia and Anita Tacky Glue

    A selection of colourful resin buttons are available here

    Happy card making!