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    Button magnets are simple and easy to make and perfect stocking filler gifts for christmas.

    This project is an excellent way to use up odd, mismatched and decorative buttons.

    I have used large 40mm statement buttons as the base and decorated them with loose buttons




    You will need a selection of buttons, a small flat magnet and glue (I have used Bostick Glue and Fix) ***see below


    28-dsc07018                18-dsc07008


    Firstly decide how you are going to group or arrange your buttons, you can keep it simple by just putting a magnet on the back of an attractive button or can use several smaller buttons layered up to cover any imperfections on your base button.

    Using a tiny blob of glue decorate the front of the button and leave to dry.

    Again, using a tiny blob of glue on one side attach the magnet to the centre back of the button





    Finished items in use!




    Large 40mm buttons are from a selection in my shop here and the small buttons here

    The small flat magnets are available in packs of 20 in my shop here


    ***These would be an ideal gift for children to make but please supervise them with the glue (I would recommend you use a child friendly glue) and any small magnets and buttons used.







    Buttons are so pretty and interesting to look its a good reason to use them as decoration in our craft rooms.

    Firstly decide how you're going to sort them, by colour or by type. My personal stash of buttons are stored by colour as I tend to work on projects by colour and I find it easier to match my applique and embellishment this way.

    You don't need to spend a lot of money on storage, keep pretty glass jars instead of putting them in the recycling, soak in hot soapy water to get the labels off. WD40 is excellent for removing any sticky residue left by the label. If the metal lid has writing on this can be painted over with metal craft paint or glue a circle of fabric or felt over it.




    I love these little Korken jars from Ikea, they are inexpensive and available in different sizes. They would look especially effective all lined up on a shelf in a rainbow of colours.




    My retail stock of buttons is now quite extensive and all needs to be stock numbered and clearly visible so I can keep ahead of stock levels and identify my fast sellers and my slow movers.

    I spent a happy weekend installing a wall full of these storage units and categorising all my buttons by type and stock number. Now, everything is at hand, easy to find and this makes reordering and making my orders up a lot quicker.





    From now until 31 Dec 2013 you can use discount code Button10 to claim 10% off your order.

    We've also reduced UK postage to £1.20 per order and always send a free gift with orders over £10*

    Whats not to like?

    Fabulous button bargains, great customer service, money off vouchers and free gifts.

    Nows the time to stock up on your craft items for your handmade christmas (our blog projects will be showing you how to make some christmas gifts as well).





     * 'orders over £10' does not include postage charge, the value of items ordered must be £10.00 or more to activate the discount code.



    Here's a couple of cute ideas to use some of your button stash in gift wrapping;


    In this first one I have used plain brown wrapping paper and 3mm green gingham ribbon threaded through a 40mm green and white button.

    This is a great way to use up your 'one off' and loose buttons.




    In this second picture I have used a personalised embroidered initial button to act as a gift tag along with 3mm red ribbon. Wrap the ribbon round two or three times then thread the ribbon through the button shank with a large needle.




    You could also used coloured elastic by fastening a loop through the shank on the button, pull round the parcel and secure back over the button. This would look effective with brightly coloured buttons and large fabric buttons.

    Fabric buttons are from a selection HERE

    Large buttons are from a selection HERE

    Ribbon is from a selection HERE