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Button Storage and Display

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Buttons are so pretty and interesting to look its a good reason to use them as decoration in our craft rooms.

Firstly decide how you're going to sort them, by colour or by type. My personal stash of buttons are stored by colour as I tend to work on projects by colour and I find it easier to match my applique and embellishment this way.

You don't need to spend a lot of money on storage, keep pretty glass jars instead of putting them in the recycling, soak in hot soapy water to get the labels off. WD40 is excellent for removing any sticky residue left by the label. If the metal lid has writing on this can be painted over with metal craft paint or glue a circle of fabric or felt over it.




I love these little Korken jars from Ikea, they are inexpensive and available in different sizes. They would look especially effective all lined up on a shelf in a rainbow of colours.




My retail stock of buttons is now quite extensive and all needs to be stock numbered and clearly visible so I can keep ahead of stock levels and identify my fast sellers and my slow movers.

I spent a happy weekend installing a wall full of these storage units and categorising all my buttons by type and stock number. Now, everything is at hand, easy to find and this makes reordering and making my orders up a lot quicker.