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    In response to customers requests we will be adding more mixed button packs, mixed by size, shape and colour.






    I'm very much enjoying sifting though all the mixed buttons and making the new packs up.

    We will be adding lilac, turquoise, cappuccino, beige and seafoam colours to the mixed packs of 50 buttons.

    We have also added a new pack of 150 very small / shirt buttons which would be ideal for button art pictures as well as replacing that missing button on your blouse!





    Happy New Year folks!!


    Have you made any resolutions?

    I haven't but I have made a long list of things I want to do and divided it into sections.

    I love a good list and think it's a good way of getting things done, you've written things down, you can prioritise items/jobs on the list and it's a sense of achievement when you tick things off.

    If I manage to tick off more than one item on the list in a day - I'm on a roll!


    What do you do to keep organised?




    We would like to wish all our customers a very happy christmas and new year.


    I'm busy trying to finish off all my handmade christmas gifts as well as getting all orders out super quick and have been getting up a 6am to give myself a head start - good job I'm a morning person!

    I also need to look at my stock and evaluate my best sellers and look for more beautiful buttons to stock.


    Happy holidays!!




    I love getting organised for christmas!

    I love browsing Pinterest and craft blogs and magazines for ideas, then starting my listing of what to make for who, sound familiar?





    Our christmas supply section is up and running with new stock being added weekly.


    Christmas Supplies


    We have also started added links and tutorials to some of our listings to give you ideas of what to make and how to utilise them.

    Like these purse frames