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    I've decided this year to make as many christmas gifts as possible, so whilst running my business and making lots of goodies to sell I'll be knitting and crocheting and sewing into the wee small hours.


    Christmas fabrics

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    Christmas crochet



    Christmas wrapping




    Not having children living at home we don't usually bother with Halloween but this year I've decided to do a pumpkin.

    This of course means hours scouring Pinterest for Ideas !

    So, we will be needing these:




    And, after prepping the pumpkin, do this all over:




    applying pressure with the hammer to cut the shape but being careful not to smash the actual pumpkin.

    Note* you will ruin the star shape so use or buy one you don't mind throwing away after.


    Until we have this:




    Impressive, right? I think so.